Hi Janos,

I have to export potentially a ton of emails and was looking to use
pilerexport versus multiple batches of GUI searches. I saw the -w flag and
thought "great, I can use this" but it doesn't seem to respond
appropriately for my test case. I have 2 emails that match the following
(generalized terms used vs actual), limiting with -m 3 for testing purposes
(I should only get 2 back).

pilerexport -a 2010.10.01 -b 2021.04.06 -r "j...@domain.com" -m 3 -w
'MATCH('"'"'searchterm NEAR/25 (MNF|(search term)|term|(test search

Now, that match is just the bash string escaped version of:
MATCH('searchterm NEAR/25 (MNF|(search term)|term|(test search
(That's just a fancy sphinx query for "searchterm" within 25 words of MNF
OR "search term" OR "term" OR "test search term" or "termin*" for those
unfamiliar with sphinx.)

Which, when overloading the Advanced Search for the "body" field in the GUI
searchterm NEAR/25 (MNF|(search term)|term|(test search term)|termin*)

Seems to work just fine and as expected, however, in pilerexport with the
aforementioned command I get tons of unrelated emails (not even scoped to
the appropriate j...@domain.com recipient). Is using a MATCH term like this
with -w possible, or am I looking to do too much here?

Note that I saw you added the -o parameter in the source so I may be a
version or 2 back (utility doesn't seem to have a -v or --version output),
and my version doesn't appear to have that, so I don't really have any
great diagnostic/output information to go off of other than the above

Thank you in advance as always for any insight you can give!

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