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On 2021-04-08 01:36, Ryan Blenis wrote:

Thanks, that led me to what is causing the issue / confusion.

The -w switch is described as "Where condition to pass to sphinx, eg.
"match('@subject: piler')"

Which led me to believe the MATCH string was all that was supposed to
be there/replaced, however a quick look at the code shows that if -w
is used, it REPLACES the ENTIRE where clause. This distinction means

yes, perhaps the "eg." was not that prominent in the short --help output. I'll improve the docs on the website, it's lagging behind the actual features,
and I'll add a clarification on it.

The simplest workaround to this for others would be to note that -w
allows you to build your own query and negates the use of other
parameters. The ideal fix I think would be to still utilize the other
parameters, but have -w content appended within the MATCH() portion of
the query.

Such fix would only complicate things because you can define the whole
query using -w including the time frame, recipients, etc. Again, I'll
add a clarification to the docs.

Aside from that: I realize I'm behind on piler (1.3.8), and would like
to update to get the latest pilerexport with zip capabilities, yet I
see there is no upgrade information on
https://www.mailpiler.org/wiki/current:upgrade . What is the process
to the latest (1.3.11)?

Well, simply compile the new stuff, and overwrite the binaries and the
GUI files. The database schema hasn't changed from 1.3.8 to 1.3.11.
However, don't rush with that. The zip export feature has a poor
performance that needs a rework.

I'd also like to add a "--num-only" type flag to pilerexport to see
the number of matches before exporting (would probably imply dryrun).

We have something similar. When specifying -d (or --dry-run) it prints
the matching serial ids, eg.

$ pilerexport -d -w "MATCH(' some query')"

I'll improve it to add "total:7" as the last line of the output, if
that's OK.

When trying to just compile the latest, I get the error "error: cannot
connect to [1]" so I'm not sure if that's an issue
because not all the components are upgraded, or if I had a different
configure flag/path configured during the original install.

The export utility assumes searchd is listening on
That part didn't change from 1.3.8 to 1.3.11.


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