Hi again!

Loving the updates to pilerexport since our last chat. A couple questions
for upgrades based on requests I've had:

1. Is there a way to have the pilerexport dry run output the number of
attachments linked to the query?

2. Would it be possible in the web UI to have an "expert" setting/field
where you can manually enter the full sphinx MATCH() string for more
precise results (while still utilizing the other advanced search fields)?
The sphinx query language allows quite a bit more flexibility and I'm
finding myself using pilerexport's -w flag to get a read on match numbers
versus querying in the web UI because of this limitation (even though you
CAN overload the fields to an extent)
2a. Overloading the web UI search fields with a more complex query, or even
simply utilizing "quotes" in the field appears to break the "sphinx" query
viewing link. This appears to be just a simple need for some escaping on
the front-end.

Thank you as always!

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