On 2021-05-02 09:15, Ryan Blenis wrote:

Ideally, in the dry run, I'd like to have it print "attachment: [id]"
much like the emails print "id: [id]" so I can get a count of emails
and associated attachment numbers, which is often required in legal
queries as a the "number of items" found for certain search terms.
(I'm on a slightly older version that only prints "id: [id]" for each
email found, though I believe you added an email found count at the
end of the dry run in a newer version, ideally in that case there
would be a count of emails, and a count of attachments as well).

This commit gives you the total number of attachments at the beginning in case of dry run:

Let me know if it meets your expectations, or you need the attachments for each
message instead.


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