On 28 December 2011 23:36, Jonas Bähr <jonas.ba...@web.de> wrote:
> If I open the same file using GraphicConverter [1] It also tells me that the
> file is indexed 8bit. Which version if libpng are you using? `otool -L`
> tells me pingus references libpng14.14.dylib. (is 1.4.8 from macports)

The problem is in SDL-image, which can be configured to either use the
native libraries or the generic libpng:

| sdl-image1.2-1.2.10 $ ./configure --help
| [...]
|  --enable-imageio        use native Mac OS X frameworks for loading
images [default=yes]
| [...]

MacOSX native libraries seem to auto-convert everything to RGBA, which
Pingus currently can't handle. So we can either recompile SDL-image or
fix Pingus. The troublesome code in Pingus that needs to be adopted is

Surface::blit(const Surface& src, int x, int y)

I'll try to fix that tomorrow.

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