On 31/10/16 14:20, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> Unless somebody thinks it is a bad idea, I will split x-tools into more
> packages, at least to keep the web crap away from the important stuff.
> I am undecided if I should also split the source package, to maximise
> isolation. Thoughts?

In the end, I did a big clean-up. I realised that by dropping
cmd/heapview, I could solve the most pressing problems now. So I have
just done that: heapview is not included in x-tools any more, after this
migrates to testing, we can reintroduce it in a separate binary package.

I also repackaged the source to completely remove third party js code,
and static.go blobs. I patched godoc to use on-disk files instead.

Also, solved the inconsistencies where godoc and others were using files
that belonged to the -dev package.

Hopefully, in 5 more days this will migrate.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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