Instead of creating additional scripts/tools, could we try to centralize
that functionality into either gbp import-orig itself, or dh-make-golang
please? is related, and
paultag expressed some interest in this as well recently.

As for the issue itself, could you please file a bug at so that the problem is at
least documented? Not sure when I’ll have time to look at it more closely,
but we should definitely try to solve it.

On Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 7:08 AM, Martín Ferrari <> wrote:

> On 17/11/16 01:54, Potter, Tim (HPE Linux Support) wrote:
> > Indeed!  But this is happening during the "go get" phase of
> dh-make-golang (I think) before
> > it strips out the code from the Godeps and vendor directories.
> If it is of any use, yesterday I wrote a script that automatically grabs
> a new upstream snapshot from git and names it in a way the gbp
> import-orig understands. It is in the pkg-go meta repository.
> It reads the source name from debian/control, and uses either the Source
> field in debian/copyright or the Homepage field in debian/control to
> clone the git repository. It tries to follow the same versioning format
> as the last entry in changelog.
> Real exaple of running it for the golang-goprotobuf package:
> $ get-orig-tgz
> Executing `git clone --quiet --bare --depth=1
> /tmp/q6Fo7KuPrg/upstream'...
> Executing `git --git-dir=/tmp/q6Fo7KuPrg/upstream log -1
> --date=format:%Y%m%d --format=%h %cd'...
> Executing `git --git-dir=/tmp/q6Fo7KuPrg/upstream archive
> --format=tar.gz --prefix=golang-goprotobuf-0.0~git20161116.0.224aaba/
> 224aaba'...
> New upstream tarball for version 0.0~git20161116.0.224aaba saved at
> ../golang-goprotobuf_0.0~git20161116.0.224aaba.orig.tar.gz
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