On 17/11/16 08:20, Michael Stapelberg wrote:
> Instead of creating additional scripts/tools, could we try to centralize
> that functionality into either gbp import-orig itself, or dh-make-golang
> please? https://github.com/Debian/dh-make-golang/issues/14 is related,
> and paultag expressed some interest in this as well recently.

That'd be great, but I don't really have the time now to dive into gbp
or dh-make-golang to add this functionality.

I uploaded my scripts to the shared repo because I think they might be
useful for other people, no need to get upset about that!

> As for the issue itself, could you please file a bug
> at https://github.com/Debian/dh-make-golang/issues so that the problem
> is at least documented? Not sure when I’ll have time to look at it more
> closely, but we should definitely try to solve it.

I did not experience this bug, I can't file a report.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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