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> Git workflows
> -------------
> It was discussed about the problem of having so many different
> workflows, as it makes it difficult to work on packages prepared by
> other team members.
> The agreement was to find one standard and make it part of the team's
> policy and incorporate into dh-make-golang.
> To that end, it is requested that everyone sends an email to the mailing
> list describing their preferred workflow, and after a period of
> discussion we agree to a conclusion.

I just use gbp in the workflow.
* use `gbp import-orig` to update the upstream/pristine-tar/master
branch when new upstream released.
  The reason to use this, is we often need to exclude some files from
upstream. Thus I think we can't just pull all upstream commits to
upstream branch.
* use `gbp pq` to handle patches.
  It integrates the git workflow well.
* use `gbp buildpackge` to build

Currently I'm just not comfortable when I need to create an orig
tarball if the upstream doesn't have a TAG.
I hope #811565 can be fixed soon to get rid of this pain :)

Best regards,
Shengjing Zhu

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