On 16/08/17 04:54, Michael Hudson-Doyle wrote:

> I think I /slightly/ prefer the upstream branch to be upstream's git
> history not a series of imports of tarballs. But I'm not set on it, and
> gbp doesn't really get on with this approach if you're just packaging a
> random commit rather than a tag AFAICS.

Actually, it works wonderfully: you just need to tag the right commit
with -say- `upstream/0.0+git20170808.deadbee`, and then `dch -v
0.0+git20170808.deadbeef-1`. With the right options, it creates the orig
tarball and commits it to pristine tar during the first build.

> Makes sense. Which gccgo arches are really being used today though? MIPS
> I guess, but that really should get golang-go once we figure out how to
> do that.

Not sure about being used, but we compile for mips* and arm*.

> https://nm.debian.org/process/198 :)


Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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