Dear Debian Go Packaging Team,

The latest version of containerd requires a recent snapshot of This can be seen with a command such as:
  wget --quiet \ \
    -O - | \
    grep urfave

At the moment, containerd requires the commit 7bc6a0a, from October 2017.

Currently, the version packages in Debian is the latest released,
1.20.0, from August 2017.

So I updated the Debian package to the snapshot required by containerd.
You can see my attempt at:

Please notice that:

- the current debian package for urfave-cli is on So
here I had to create a repository on Maybe you don't
like that and already have a procedure for migrating packages from
anonscm to salsa.
- I didn't touch the gbp.conf file, which works good but is not as
simple as the default gpb.conf file create by dh-make-golang. I don't
know how much you want to enforce a common gbp config, and I don't want
to be rude to the persons maintaining this package.
- Lintian complained about NMU (as I'm not a DD), so I fixed that, but I
don't remember having to do that for the packages I created these last
days. So I don't know if it was right to care about that particular
Lintian warning.

Any comment appreciated !

Best regards,


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