On 02/20/2018 12:08 AM, Michael Stapelberg wrote:
> Are you certain that this commit is actually a requirement, or just
> happens to be the latest version the containerd people tried?

It's just the version that is vendored by containerd. I assumed they
used it for a good reason, that's all. Definitely not certain that it's

> Did you test the version currently in Debian and run into issues?

No I didn't try, right now I'm just trying to package and bump
everything required by containerd, then package containerd, then test
the whole thing.

> I’m not saying importing new upstream versions isn’t a good idea, I’m
> just trying to make sure you don’t do any extra work you don’t want to do.

I get your point. I thought the best approach was to bump every
dependency first, then package the missing dependencies. But maybe it's
better to package what's missing first, then try containerd, and then
bump dependencies to newer versions if it's really a need. Especially if
I bump to a snapshot version like in the current case, it's always
better to avoid that and stick to official releases, when they exist.

>     - the current debian package for urfave-cli is on
>     anonscm.debian.org <http://anonscm.debian.org>. So
>     here I had to create a repository on salsa.debian.org
>     <http://salsa.debian.org>. Maybe you don't
>     like that and already have a procedure for migrating packages from
>     anonscm to salsa.
> While it is fine to create new repositories on salsa, we should either
> add this repository to the rewritemap ASAP (+cc aviau) or don’t move
> it for the time being.

What is the rewritemap ? Is Alexandre Viau the person in charge of
migrating go packages to salsa in general ?

For the repository we're talking about right now, I understand there's
no need to bump the version right now, as long as I'm not sure it's needed.

Should I just delete it, or at least take it out of the go packages
group, and keep it as a personal repo ?

>  Overall, your changes look good to me. Let me know which way you
> prefer to proceed regarding repository location, fix the changelog,
> and I can upload it for you.

Let's just wait until we're sure this version bump is really needed, if
you're ok with that.

Thanks again for all the thorough feedback !


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