On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 11:02 AM, Arnaud <arnaud.rebill...@collabora.com>

> Dear Debian Go Packaging Team,
> The latest version of containerd requires a recent snapshot of
> github.com/urfave/cli. This can be seen with a command such as:
>   wget --quiet \
> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/containerd/containerd/master/vendor.conf
> \
>     -O - | \
>     grep urfave
> At the moment, containerd requires the commit 7bc6a0a, from October 2017.

Are you certain that this commit is actually a requirement, or just happens
to be the latest version the containerd people tried?

I’m asking because the changes to the upstream branch are fairly small.
While new APIs are introduced (e.g. FlagNamePrefixFunc), none of these APIs
seem to be used by the containerd source.

Did you test the version currently in Debian and run into issues?

I’m not saying importing new upstream versions isn’t a good idea, I’m just
trying to make sure you don’t do any extra work you don’t want to do.

> Currently, the version packages in Debian is the latest released,
> 1.20.0, from August 2017.
> So I updated the Debian package to the snapshot required by containerd.
> You can see my attempt at:
>   https://salsa.debian.org/go-team/packages/golang-github-urfave-cli
> Please notice that:
> - the current debian package for urfave-cli is on anonscm.debian.org. So
> here I had to create a repository on salsa.debian.org. Maybe you don't
> like that and already have a procedure for migrating packages from
> anonscm to salsa.

While it is fine to create new repositories on salsa, we should either add
this repository to the rewritemap ASAP (+cc aviau) or don’t move it for the
time being.

> - I didn't touch the gbp.conf file, which works good but is not as
> simple as the default gpb.conf file create by dh-make-golang. I don't
> know how much you want to enforce a common gbp config, and I don't want
> to be rude to the persons maintaining this package.

In the long run, I’d like to converge on common gbp settings, but let’s
leave it as-is for now.

> - Lintian complained about NMU (as I'm not a DD), so I fixed that, but I
> don't remember having to do that for the packages I created these last
> days. So I don't know if it was right to care about that particular
> Lintian warning.

Instead of doing an NMU, add “Team upload.” to the changelog (gbp-dch’s
--team option will do that for you), or add yourself as Uploader: in

> Any comment appreciated !
> Best regards,
>   Arnaud
Overall, your changes look good to me. Let me know which way you prefer to
proceed regarding repository location, fix the changelog, and I can upload
it for you.


Best regards,
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