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All'incirca Mon, 24 Mar 2008 23:02:25 +0100,  Petter Reinholdtsen
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> > Quite strange, isn't it? I think that, right now, josm isn't in
> > shape to be released in main, and should move to contrib depending
> > on Sun's JRE.
> Well, I do not agree, as I believe just having downloading working
> with one of the free JVMs is enough to justify its presense in main.

Well, surely your opinion is more valuable than mine (as you are a DD),
but policy 2.2.1 says that packages in main must not be "so buggy that
we refuse to support them", and I think this is not the case of josm. I
would never accept to support a package who can't neither do its main
task (uploading data). In two days of presence in main we received two
bug reports from users who couldn't even start JOSM.

> Besides, the SUN JRE is on its way into main, and it would be a waste
> of time and effort to move josm to contrib just to move it back to
> main shortly thereafter.

Why? Would moving to and from contrib require to pass again the NEW
queue? Otherwise the change of section is just matter of modifying
the right control field. Am I missing something?

> But we should keep it out of Lenny until we are know more about the
> OSM web API stability, to avoid having to drop it from Lenny after it
> become stable.

Surely we agree here!

Cheers, Giovanni.
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