Andreas Putzo wrote:

On Jun 10  19:38, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
This bug has been open for a month already and is the last thing
blocking the transition of the new version of mapnik to testing.  I'm
therefore planning on uploading an NMU to fix it in a couple of days'
time, unless there are any objections.  If you'd rather fix it
yourselves then that's obviously fine, but please say so. :-)

i get a symbol lookup error currently. I try to look into this
tonight, but feel free to NMU if you have a working solution :)

gpsdrive: symbol lookup error:
/usr/lib/mapnik/0.5/input/postgis.input: undefined symbol:

Hmmm, how did you produce that error? The version of /usr/bin/gpsdrive I've built is linked against mapnik 0.6 (that rather being the point of getting the bug fixed in the first place ;-) but it's possible something is still picking up a 0.5 dependency somewhere.

(and thinking about it the build-dep should probably also be bumped to require libmapnik-dev >= 0.6, to ensure that it gets upgraded in chroots if already present).

What does "ldd /usr/bin/gpsdrive | egrep mapnik"  give you?



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