On Thu, 2009-06-11 at 22:18 +0200, Andreas Putzo wrote:
> Well, i started gpsdrive, got the symbol error and gpsdrive terminated.
> You didn't had libmapnik0.6 *and* libmapnik0.5 installed when you tried
> it presumably. 

Ah.  Nope, you're right - I only had 0.6 installed, which is why I
didn't notice.

> Just uploaded the new version. Sorry for the delay, wasn't aware that
> i'm blocking the mapnik transition :(

No worries; thanks for the upload.  It wasn't a huge transition -
gpsdrive appears to be one of only three packages depending on mapnik -
but this does mean all four packages will now be able to transition to
squeeze, once gpsdrive is built everywhere and has been in unstable long

Thanks very much for the quick response.



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