Hi Francesco,

On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 03:40:53PM +0200, Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> I have not specific preferences about lists, I simply would note that
> pkg-grass-general/devel were born at the time to manage a low traffic
> packaging oriented list and listmasters had the opinion that alioth
> lists were appropriate for that.

I hope that listmasters will agree that this is not the case any more.

> That said, I would also note that
> current -general list is closed to subscribers, while debian-gis
> would be open to the world (as generally done for all listmasters lists), 
> with obvious consequence for subscribers about spamming...

The pros and cons are heavily discussed in the past and I do not think
it makes sense to repeat this discussion.  I personally get about one or
two mails per month from each mailinlist @l.d.o thanks to the
spamfilters the listmasters applied (thanks to the effort of
listmasters!) and local SPAM filters.  That's IMHO acceptable.

I take your mail as somethink like "it is fine for me to create the list
if you care for it" and thus I hope the mailing list can be created soon.

Question to listmasters:  Is it possible to take over the content of the
list archive of pkg-grass-general to debian-gis archive?  I guess the
different listservers might make this hard and I do not really want to
put this on you.  But if there would be a reasonable way to do this it
would be probably a good idea.

Kind regards



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