On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 08:55:25AM +0100, Antonio Valentino wrote:
> > Moreover I would like you to inject your packaging into Debian GIS SVN
> > and set Vcs fields accordingly.
> > 
> Ok, if I understand correctly, as a member of the debian pure blends
> team, I should already have commit access.
> I wonder if I should ask to become a member of the Alioth Grass Project.

Yes, you need it because it is a different group.

> Sorry I'm still learning common practices of debian development:
> inject means svn-inject, isn't it?

Yes, but note that git is also usable, if you prefer so.

> > BTW, lintian reveals some "Information" messages if started in
> > nitpicking mode:
> > 
> >    lintian -i -I *.deb *.dsc
> > 
> > Perhaps you might consider fixing these as well.
> > 
> OK, I have already fixed the ones regarding package description and the
> spelling error.
> The one regarding library symbols is a little harder for me and I need
> to read the documentation more carefully.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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