Hi Andreas,

Il giorno Sun, 19 Dec 2010 08:57:04 +0100
Andreas Tille <andr...@an3as.eu> ha scritto:

> On  18 Dec 2010 Antonio Valentino wrote:
> > Andreas, the package now has some modifications with respect to
> > the one uploaded to mentrors.debian.net. Should I re-upload modified
> > package or it is no more needed?
> In case you want me to sponsor the package it is fine if you tell me
> the VCS location.  However, I'm not very knowledged in this field and
> can only veryfy the pure packaging stuff.  So if there some more
> educated member of the Debian GIS team would step in this would
> probably a good idea.  If nobody might step up I can check and upload
> the package in case you state explicitely that it is ready for an
> upload (in your mail above you said only that you modified it -
> that's no clear advise for me ;-) ).

OK, I removed the package from debian.mentors.net.
Now the package is in pkg-grass git repo


Also I set the control fields Vcs-Git and  Vcs-Browser accordingly in
the control file (I'm going to update the task file in the blends
repo) and tagged the final version as debian/2.2-1.

>From my point of view the package is ready for the upload so I would
appreciate a lot if you or some other developer would like to sponsor

Best regards

Antonio Valentino

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