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Alastair McKinstry a écrit , Le 04/06/2014 11:09:
> In working on a co-installability patch for HDF5, I see an incongruity.
> The current library names are
> libhdf5.so.7
> libhdf5_hl.so.7
> libhdf5_fortran.so.7
> but
> libhdf5*hl*_fortran.so.7
> This becomes more striking when we add $FLAVOR for different MPI
> flavours, so we get
> libhdf5_$FLAVOR_*_* as the pattern.
> Now if most compilation is happening with the aid of h5cc / h5pcc and
> pkg-config files,
> we can fix this to libhdf5_hl_fortran.so.* with minimal impact.
> Would anyone have any objections to doing so for the upcoming release
> (which changes
> soname anyway)?

I noticed this incongruity before and decided to leave it as it is,
because it's more of an upstream choice and the only drawback is purely
cosmetic. On the contrary I found changing the library name much more
disruptive on the end user side for those who don't rely on h5*c
scripts: it means having different build scripts depending on the
distro, instead of just setting some '-I' and '-L' options through xxFLAGS.

Hence I'd prefer not to change it.



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