Hamish wrote:
> > grass 6.4.4.packaging is currently (basically) ready in DebianGIS
> > git.

> But not by using git-import-orig. The upstream branch hasn't been
> updated with the grass_6.4.4.orig.tar.gz contents.

it was done in the master branch,

tagging is currently incomplete, but known todo and discussed privately.

> You should run lintian showing all tags after your build to get an
> idea of what is left to fix before I would consider an upload.

er, you really think we don't do that and know exactly what they are?
We've been busy packaging this software for more than a dozen years!
Not masking false positives and "real but won't-fix in this major
version" lintian issues is not a bug IMHO.

No doubt the main rules file could use a bit of a refresh here and there
(supporting 'make -j' would be nice), but let's continue this
conversation on the DebainGIS list, not in a ticket about transitioning
to wxpython3.0.


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