> currently the debian Version of postgis does not seem to support
> cgal. Unfortunately this will result in a less powerfull version of
> postgis
> (some missing functions).
> While cgal is available in debian, sfcgal (the c++ wrapper) is not.
> So should I probably also file a wnpp reqest for packaging of sfcgal,
> right?

Yes, if you'd like to get this functionality enabled in postgis the
prerequisites need to be available Debian. That's the reason why it's not
enabled already.

The Debian GIS team is understaffed like many Free Software projects, so
don't expect anyone to start packaging sfcgal after you file a RFP bug for
it. Packaging it yourself is the most promising road forward.

Please refer to the Debian GIS Policy for information about joining and
contributing to the Debian GIS team if you intend to package sfcgal.


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