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On 29-07-15 22:39, Charlie Zender wrote:
> Any hints here would be appreciated...
> NCO builds fine on many different machines.
> It appears to me that new Debian netCDF package seems
> to cause NCO's configure test for strdup() to fail,
> so NCO uses its own internal prototype for strdup()
> instead, and then this prototype runs into a conflict
> with the strdup() prototype in "string.h".
> Not sure why the new netCDF package would alter previous behavior.

The biggest changes in the new netcdf library is that it's built with
the HDF5 MPI variants (openmpi on most architectures). It may be that an
MPI optimized strdup() is used now?

I'm having some doubts if it's wise to only build netcdf with the HDF5
MPI variant, instead of in addition to the HDF5 serial variant used by
most other applications.

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