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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the patch. I've applied it in pyspatialite (3.0.1-9)
available in unstable for syncing sortly.

In a related question, why are you syncing pyspatialite into Ubuntu but
not the qgis 2.8.x LTR version which is the reason we have a
pyspatialite package in the archive?

I'm aware of the qwtpolar incompatibility with Qwt >= 6.1 which has been
available in Ubuntu since vivid (LP: #1423906). Qwt 6.1.2 was recently
upload to Debian experimental and in response to an email from the
maintainer I've disabled the QwtPolar option in the qgis package for
which the Ubuntu package stil has the patches from LP#1423906.

I see no blocker for updating qgis in Ubuntu, but I may not have a
complete picture.

Kind Regards,


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