Hi Felix,

Thanks for all the information you provided so far. I spent some time studying 
the logs but
couldn't make any final conclusion. All of the required packages you have 
installed seem to
be at their latest versions and I didn't find any fatal error related to bundle 
loading in
your debug logs.

Thinking of it more, maybe there is nothing wrong with the installation, but 
there is something
in your workspace that makes Eclipse hang during startup (but also it doesn't 
affect 4.2 binary

When you run without ~/.eclipse do you see a workspace selection popup? If so, 
can you please
try to create a new empty workspace and look if Eclipse will start then?

If it happens that it's your current workspace that causes the hang on startup, 
are you able
to put somewhere for download a stripped down version? I think only the 
.metadata folder will
be sufficient, no projects that might contain private of confidential data. 
Please check
that the hang still occurs with the stripped workspace before uploading.



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