On 2013-01-02 18:13, Dave Tapesar wrote:
> Hello there,
> I had the same issue on a Debian SID x86_64.
> As a sid, there was no eclipse update, only an install on July:
> eclipse:amd64 (3.8.0~rc4-1)
> The only openjdk update is from October 23rd
> openjdk-6-jre:amd64 6b24-1.11.4-3 -> 6b24-1.11.5-1
> The problem appeared after the SVN plugin uninstall (because of a plugin
> problem) : when asked to reboot, I agreed and Eclipse would stop at the
> point "Loading Workbench". Killing the graphic application launched what
> seemed to be a deadlock, as the java process was taking all CPU time. A
> simple "kill pid" stopped the process. Unfortunately, I have not kept the
> details (haven't made a strace)
> [...]
> Hope it helps.

To be honest, it sound like you have / had a different problem[1].

That said, I am glad you have resolved it and we will keep it in mind in
case others report problems with a similar set of symptoms.


[1] The fact that is solved by upgrading Java6 to Java7 make it sound
like it is/was a bug in Java6.  The original problem includes a
configuration issue that (to my knowledge) has not been triggered by
bugs in OpenJDK (yet).

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