Dear maintainer,

While processing your upload of relaxngcc 1.12-1, I noticed the
following things about the packaging:

 - The source tarball has been repacked, but this is not documented
   anywhere, and the only sign of it is the get-orig-targz target in
   debian/rules. Please document this in the debian/copyright file.
   Explaining why the repacking was done and what is removed would
   also be nice to see documented in debian/README.source, not just as
   comments in debian/rules.

 - src/relaxngcc/javabody/JavaBodyParser.jj does not appear to be
   under the Apache-1.1 license, but what exactly it is under, is
   unclear to me. This should be clarified.

 - There are a couple of files in the source that have comments like:
   /* this file is generated by RelaxNGCC */

   Are these files rebuildable? (Sadly, my Java build system knowledge
   is not enough to determine this on my own)

None of these warrant a reject, but I would like to see them
clarified, if I'm to let the package through NEW. If you want to
correct them, and reupload, instead of fixing them in a future
version, that is also an option. I will reject the current version
from NEW then, and you can reupload after.

This is the maintainer address of Debian's Java team
Please use for discussions and questions.

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