On 18.02.2014 23:35, Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Timo Aaltonen:
>>> We have a bootstrapping issue with this.. upstream CVS repo ships with
>>> 'lib/bootstrap-relaxngcc.jar' which is used to generate the files for
>>> the parser. And since the source tarball can't include that relaxngcc
>>> has no way to enter Debian?
>>> Fedora doesn't seem to care, they used to have a version where it used
>>> the embedded jar file, but the one that entered the archive used the
>>> same build system as our original upload..
>> sending to debian-java too in case someone has ideas..
> Just use a cyclic build dependency.  They are annoying, but less
> problematic for Arch: all packages.

How would that work in practice? Ship the generated files in the tarball
and document the build in README.source? Or try to build a stripped
version that's capable of generating the parser as a second stage?


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