Am 09.07.2015 um 09:45 schrieb Emmanuel Bourg:
> Le 09/07/2015 09:26, 殷啟聰 a écrit :
>> There is no reason to split those packages, anyway one wanting to use
>> Gradle will install all 3 packages together. Besides, most jars are in
>> libgradle-plugins-java, the other 2 do not have too much things.
>> On the other hand, splitting 3 packages only increases maintenance work,
>> and I believe that's why the original maintainer decided to merge all
>> individual plugin packages since 1.4.
>> So I think merging all packages is a better approach, maven does the
>> same right?
> Maven 2 has a separate library package (libmaven2-core-java), and I'm
> going to split the Maven 3 package in two parts (maven +
> libmaven3-core-java). The reason is that you may want to depend on Maven
> libraries without installing Maven and pulling a JRE. But I guess it
> makes more sense for Maven which has many reverse dependencies on the
> library unlike Gradle.


I don't mind merging the packages if there are no objections from Miguel
or Hans. Though I also think that it makes sense to separate the
libraries from the gradle package because the latter depends on a JRE
and recommends a JDK which is undesired if an external application is
only interested in some jar files from libgradle-plugins-java for
example. If you want to simplify things, I suggest to merge
libgradle-core-java and libgradle-plugins-java into libgradle-java
instead but that would require another run through NEW. On the other
hand perhaps we should wait with restructuring gradle until we have more
data what applications really expect from gradle in the future.



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