Then I am reverting the commit. Avoiding pulling a JRE or even JDK is good
practice. There's a problem though that it is sometimes not easy to say a
jar should belong to libgradle-core-java or libgradle-plugins-java by
judging the file name.

Kai-Chung Yan

Miguel Landaeta <nomad...@debian.org> 於 2015年7月9日週四 下午10:27寫道:

> On Thu, Jul 09, 2015 at 11:35:41AM +0200, Markus Koschany wrote:
> >
> > I don't mind merging the packages if there are no objections from Miguel
> > or Hans. Though I also think that it makes sense to separate the
> > libraries from the gradle package because the latter depends on a JRE
> > and recommends a JDK which is undesired if an external application is
> > only interested in some jar files from libgradle-plugins-java for
> > example. If you want to simplify things, I suggest to merge
> > libgradle-core-java and libgradle-plugins-java into libgradle-java
> > instead but that would require another run through NEW. On the other
> > hand perhaps we should wait with restructuring gradle until we have more
> > data what applications really expect from gradle in the future.
> Hi,
> In general, I'll not be in favor of unneccesary package merging,
> or in this case, of having only one gradle package.
> When I began packaging gradle years ago, I did a mistake and I created
> binary packages for gradle and for every plugin. This was not correct and
> caused too much work with every new release (having to pass through
> NEW, complex dependencies rules, etc).
> IMO, having libgradle-core-java and libgradle-plugins-java is the
> right compromise for current gradle usage in Debian.
> If for example, I'm developing something in kotlin, jruby, groovy or
> even in java and I need to use a feature availaible in gradle core
> library, I don't want to pull a list of unrelated plugins (and their
> dependencies) plus a full gradle installation, I'd only want gradle
> core jar.
> I think the current package arrangement should not be modified until
> we have more data. Currently, gradle doesn't have that many reverse
> dependencies so I suspect is very early to do this kind of changes.
> I'd focus on keeping up to date with upstream since that's usually a
> challenge by itself.
> Cheers,
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