Quoting Ken Dreyer (2013-08-14 18:40:33)
> Fedora packager here (don't shoot! :)


> Fedora is currently planning some Javascript guidelines[0], and the 
> subject of Debian compatibility came up during the discussion.

Cool that you "reach across"!

> Specifically, we're trying to decide how best to serve the Javascript 
> libraries out to the web.
> I saw that the Debian "javascripts-common" package contains an Apache 
> alias for "/javascript". How has this been working for you? In light 
> of [2], will this URL scheme be changing sometime soon? If so, what is 
> the future URL going to be?
> We were thinking of implementing something like 
> "_sysassets/javascript", and I thought it might be nice to check with 
> you guys to see what the future holds for Debian in this area.

Nothing is decided in Debian, as that bug (and also, arguably to a 
lesser degree since ligttpd is less popular, also bug#474913) reflects.

Our current /javascript looks pretty, is relatively short, but risk 
clash with paths of various webapp projects.

Your /_sysassets/javascript is less pretty, not as short, but less 
likely to clash.

My proposed /usr/share/javascript is equally ugly, slightly longer, also 
less likely to clash, and additionally is usable offline.

What I suggest is that Debian and Fedora (and other distros) do _not_ 
coordinate on a unified path to use, but mirror in html the filesystem 
path (relative from the root of the local system) where the files are 
actually stored - so as to support offline use (where applicable).

It might make sense to then coordinate on a unified path for _storing_ 
javascript files (and perhaps also on naming of (non-)uglified flavors, 
JS-specific CSS and other files.  But such coordination makes best sense 
for me to do in the File Hierarchy Standard.

> (Lastly, please keep me in the CC on this thread, as I'm not 
> subscribed to the list)

Will do.  Thanks for stating it explicitly :-)

 - Jonas

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