Quoting T.C. Hollingsworth (2013-08-15 21:50:36)
> On 08/14/2013 09:40 AM, Ken Dreyer wrote:
> > We were thinking of implementing something like 
> > "_sysassets/javascript", and I thought it might be nice to check 
> > with you guys to see what the future holds for Debian in this area.
> So first I think I should explain what the deal is with the "assets" 
> thing.  As part of the new guidelines, we really want to take into 
> account shared non-JS stuff like CSS frameworks, icon libraries, web 
> fonts, whathaveyou.
> So the idea is to have one all-encompassing "web assets" directory, 
> with various subdirectories for different kinds of stuff.  We intend 
> to symlink /usr/share/fonts into this directory so web developers have 
> a huge collection of free fonts available immediately at their 
> fingertips, and so we don't have to repackage anything to make them 
> available on the web.

I personally don't care much, but I believe Debian will only add a root 
directory (or symlink) if that gets included in FHS (File Herarchy 

> So, what I'd really like to do is:
> /sysjs      -> system-provided shared JavaScript libraries
>              -> /usr/share/javascript on the filesystem
>              -> same HTTPd and filesystem-side on both Debian and Fedora
> /sysassets  -> system-provided shared static assets
>              -> /usr/share/web-assets on the filesystem
>              -> up to you whether you want to implement
> This is highly unlikely to conflict with anything that's going on in 
> the real world. Not to mention that "/sysjs" is half the length of 
> "/javascript".  (Who wants to type a bunch of crap into their <script> 
> tags? ;-)

With html document /var/www/index.html containing this:

<script src="/sysjs/jquery.js"></script>

This command will fail to load JQuery: mozilla /var/www/index.html

same command (or replacing with iceweasel on Debian) will succeed if 
instead using /usr/share/javascript inside the html and registered in 

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