Quoting Thorsten Glaser (2014-11-28 13:20:36)
> On Fri, 28 Nov 2014, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>> It's been a long time I've been thinking about it, and I believe that 
>> the only way to do this, would be to use triggers. Though I have 
>> never

> Look at libjs-protoaculous which combines prototype and scriptaculous 
> into one (possibly minified) js file. In (our inhouse version of) 
> FusionForge, we just depend on it, and it contains all the trigger and 
> dependency magic needed for that.

Just looking at the package name that seems not an ideal aproach: Should 
we then make packages for each combination of libraries to be merged 
together, or am I missing a more clever logic?  Or do you perhaps point 
at that package not suggesting duplicating it but instead cherry-picking 
triggers for a system-wide structure?

> On Fri, 28 Nov 2014, Ben Finney wrote:
>> My understanding is that the Debian JavaScript team is converging on 
>> a standard for compiling JavaScript (using uglify, I think) as a 
>> routine
> That’s not good. Various upstreams recommend/require various minifier 
> tools and say they have had issues with other tools, e.g. due to the 
> minifiers differing in what they require from the source code to work 
> without failure.

I agree that too strong standardization is not good - and I disagree 
with the interpretation that the Javascript team is moving towards such 

That said, I do believe Uglifyjs is the best compressor we have, and 
recomend to treat it as a "default" similar to newest GCC for C - i.e. 
use Uglifyjs unless all of...

  * code is complex, and
  * upstream tests only only against an alternate compressor which is
    available in Debian, and
  * no testsuite with decent coverage and usable for us on build 

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