Quoting Jérémy Lal (2015-05-06 14:08:09)
> 2015-05-06 13:31 GMT+02:00 Pau Garcia i Quiles <pgqui...@elpauer.org>:
>     The package.json file does exist:
>     /usr/lib/nodejs/uglify-js/package.json

> that's why it's usually simpler and safer to install original 
> hierarchy with
> - package.json
> - lib/*
> in /usr/lib/nodejs/uglify-js, instead of changing it and not 
> installing package.json.

You are barking up the wrong tree, Jérémy: package.js *is* installed at 
the *correct* location.  Please read what Pau Garcia wrote.

Problem is upstream script expecting to be installed in ~/bin/ and 
assuming its library is in ~/lib/

I will extend 2001 to also cover hardcoded path to parse.js.

Thanks for your bugreport, Pau Garcia,

 - Jonas

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