Quoting Jérémy Lal (2015-05-19 02:15:29)
> 2015-05-19 1:34 GMT+02:00 Jonas Smedegaard <d...@jones.dk>:
>> Please actually look at the uglifyjs source package - or just read
>> closely the original bugreport - before you comment further.  I think
>> you will then agree that your remarks are totally irrelevant here.
> Well, i actually did that.
> So if you've setup the files with the same tree as in source, that is
> /usr/lib/nodejs/uglify-js/bin/uglifyjs
> /usr/lib/nodejs/uglify-js/lib/*.js
> /usr/lib/nodejs/uglify-js/package.json
> and a symlink /usr/lib/nodejs/uglify-js/bin/uglifyjs 
> -> /usr/bin/uglifyjs there wouldn't be a need for the patches.
> As i said, i'm not questionning the dislike for keeping the original 
> tree, i'm just saying that it avoids adding more patches.

Ohh, now I get it.  Thanks for spelling it out to me: I even considered 
if you perhaps meant to install _everything_ including the script below 
/usr/lib/nodejs but dismissed that as unrealistic.

So Nodejs lookup path is not only /usr/lib/nodejs/$lib.js and 
/usr/lib/$lib/index.js but also /usr/lib/nodejs/$lib/lib/index - or does 
it take /usr/lib/nodejs/$lib/package.json into account (I notice there's 
a mention of "main" in there - which is actually incorrect now with my 

Or does "stuffing everything below /usr/lib/nodejs/$lib/ only solve 
internal lib paths, and I should still patch main lib to be 

 - Jonas

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