2016-10-21 7:24 GMT+02:00 Paul Gevers <elb...@debian.org>:

> Hi Daniel,
> On 21-10-16 06:55, Daniel Lo Nigro wrote:
> > Given the amount of complexity stemming from Debian renaming this binary
> > and the fact that it breaks parts of the Node.js ecosystem, is there any
> > chance it will be renamed back to "node" in the future, or for
> > /usr/bin/node to be symlinked to /usr/bin/node (perhaps using the
> > update-alternatives system to allow the user to choose whether they want
> > to symlink nodejs or ax25-node, in case they have both installed)?
> In Debian, we have the package nodejs-legacy which provides the symlink
> you request. Please read the description. Apart from text describing
> fact that no official Debian package may depend on it, it also contains
> a link to the technical committee ruling on how this came about. As the
> ax25-node package still exist, I see no chance at all that the current
> situation will change.
> As ax25-node and nodejs don't provide the same functionality, using the
> update-alternaives system is not appropriate.

if you're distributing yarn in the main debian archive, i believe the right
way to
work around this is to "Suggest" nodejs-legacy in debian/control.
We're probably going to do the same with npm (but i clearly lack the time to
take care of npm).

if you're distributing it outside of debian archives, then "Recommend" is
good too.
Avoid "Depend", because it would risk breaking for users installing "nodejs"
debian package from upstream.

Note that the original package name conflict disappeared: there is no longer
a "node" binary distributed by ax25-node at all, but the "too generic a
issue remains.

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