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Quoting Jérémy Lal (2016-10-21 09:05:04)
> 2016-10-21 7:24 GMT+02:00 Paul Gevers <elb...@debian.org>:
> > On 21-10-16 06:55, Daniel Lo Nigro wrote:
> > > Given the amount of complexity stemming from Debian renaming this 
> > > binary and the fact that it breaks parts of the Node.js ecosystem, 
> > > is there any chance it will be renamed back to "node" in the 
> > > future, or for /usr/bin/node to be symlinked to /usr/bin/node 
> > > (perhaps using the update-alternatives system to allow the user to 
> > > choose whether they want to symlink nodejs or ax25-node, in case 
> > > they have both installed)?
> >
> > In Debian, we have the package nodejs-legacy which provides the 
> > symlink you request. Please read the description. Apart from text 
> > describing fact that no official Debian package may depend on it, it 
> > also contains a link to the technical committee ruling on how this 
> > came about. As the ax25-node package still exist, I see no chance at 
> > all that the current situation will change.
> >
> > As ax25-node and nodejs don't provide the same functionality, using 
> > the update-alternaives system is not appropriate.

> if you're distributing yarn in the main debian archive, i believe the 
> right way to work around this is to "Suggest" nodejs-legacy in 
> debian/control.

I disagree that above is the "right way" - here are the options you have 
as I see them:

 a) Continue to also support "nodejs" runtime
    * You may suggest (but not recommend or depend on) nodejs-legacy.
    * Must be usable (at least for a subset of cases) with "nodejs".

 b) Support only "node" runtime
    * You should depend on or recommend nodejs-legacy
    * Cannot be part of official Debian (but can be in contrib)

 c) Change ruling through the tech-ctte or a general solution vote
    * Will be a tiresome and long process
    * Will only become effective for next-next stable (i.e. in ~2019)
    * May further tear apart our communities rather than unite

As I see it, the "right way from the POV of Debian is a), while from the 
POV of the Node.js community it is c).

 - Jonas

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