On 02/11/2016 14:36, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 November 2016 04:11 PM, Paolo Greppi wrote:
>> Fine, can you review what I have done so far and if it's OK sponsor it ?
>> https://anonscm.debian.org/git/pkg-javascript/node-lodash.git/log/?h=debian/master-2.4
> I have uploaded it even though there are other possible improvements
> (like fixing a lintian error, updating standards version etc), which we
> can target for next upload.


I'll go through the lintian warnings to see if there is any that still
need to be applied on master.

>> It should be possible to apply commit
>> fe688dba75a85e4e06824262a7fcf4bd58538415 to master.
> Please apply and push.

Done, I have also pushed a couple of tags (upstream/2.4.1+dfsg and
upstream/4.3.0+dfsg) which are required if one builds it using gbp
buildpackage -uc -us

Those upstream/x.y.z+dfsg I have re-created starting from the
corresponding debian/x.y.z+dfsg-w, simply deleting the debian directory.

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