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>To be honest, I don't have a clue what ruby-jquery-ui-rails is doing
>(never heard of the package before), so I can't answer that question
>yet. One thing, the latest version of upstream ruby-jquery-ui-rails is
>also embedding 1.12.1, so apparently upstream already converted what is

ruby-jquery-ui-rails is just a wrapper (rails engine in rails speak) for 
jquery-ui. It just makes it easy for rails apps to use jquery-ui via rails 
asset pipeline. It just embeds jquery-ui and set its path as a rails engine. It 
does not have any other adaptations other than setting paths for the embedded 
jquery-ui. So it does not care what jquery-ui version is shipped. They provide 
a separate VERSIONS.md file to know the mapping between jquery-ui-rails and 
jquery-ui version.

The apps that depend on ruby-jquery-ui-rails should be ported to be able to 
work using the new jquery-ui version. Ie, upstream code change is required.

As a last resort, we can remove the symlinks and use the embedded copy of 
jquery-ui. We are planning to do the same for jquery-rails as jquery 3 broke 
diaspora.( #846916).

We should coordinate updates of these packages in future.
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