I did some further testing around changing the version of jquery.hotkeys.js
in libjs-jquery-hotkeys to the upstream jeresig version, and behavior of
the various libraries that depend on it.

For python-coverage, the bug is still there, with the addition of a new
error related to differences in unload() in jquery.min.js.  Presumably, the
current upstream version of jquery.hotkeys.js is newer than the bundled
version, as the reports work as expected with the bundled libraries.

For prometheus, hotkeys behaved as expected.

For gitit, the ctrl+r hotkey is supposed to submit a post.  This previously
resulted in the page refreshing, but resulted in a warning about
resubmitting the page (arguably, one might expect that when randomly
submitting a post? I'm not familiar enough with this package to know which
is the intended behavior).

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