I've been struggling with this bug, but I'm a little confused by this bug
report and the response from the maintainers.

The source package has these JS files under in coverage/htmlfiles (with
what I'm assuming is the compatible/tested version), why aren't they
shipped in the debian package?

It makes no sense to me as a user to have a critical portion of
functionality broken by default(because it doesn't hard-dep
on libjs-jquery-hotkeys/related JS libs, and you can't get line-by-line
reports without it), and also to depend on a library that is also
incompatible and known incompatible.

Can't you just drop the libjs* recommends and install the stuff in the
source package onto the target system?

On Thu, 25 May 2017 14:16:05 -0500 Eevel Weezel wrote: > I did some further
testing around changing the version of jquery.hotkeys.js > in
libjs-jquery-hotkeys to the upstream jeresig version, and behavior of > the
various libraries that depend on it. > > For python-coverage, the bug is
still there, with the addition of a new > error related to differences in
unload() in jquery.min.js. Presumably, the > current upstream version of
jquery.hotkeys.js is newer than the bundled > version, as the reports work
as expected with the bundled libraries. > > For prometheus, hotkeys behaved
as expected. > > For gitit, the ctrl+r hotkey is supposed to submit a post.
This previously > resulted in the page refreshing, but resulted in a
warning about > resubmitting the page (arguably, one might expect that when
randomly > submitting a post? I'm not familiar enough with this package to
know which > is the intended behavior). > > Best, > Heather
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