(duplicating because I forgot to include the bug report address)

Ryan Attard <frontrunner4...@gmail.com> writes:

> I've been struggling with this bug, but I'm a little confused by this
> bug report and the response from the maintainers.

Thank you for asking to clarify. I agree that this bug report discussion
can be difficult to follow.

> The source package has these JS files under in coverage/htmlfiles
> (with what I'm assuming is the compatible/tested version), why aren't
> they shipped in the debian package?

Because they aren't used.

Why aren't they used? Because it is a violation of Debian policy to
install third-party bundled libraries; instead, the libraries should
each have their own first-class Debian made from the source for that

You might want to read <URL:https://bugs.debian.org/848188> describing
why the library dependency is removed from the ‘python-coverage’

> It makes no sense to me as a user to have a critical portion of
> functionality broken by default

I agree, and this is discussed in the bug tracker for Coverage.py

> (because it doesn't hard-dep on libjs-jquery-hotkeys/related JS libs,
> and you can't get line-by-line reports without it), and also to depend
> on a library that is also incompatible and known incompatible.

I don't quite understand what you're saying there. There are
incompatible libraries both claiming the “hotkeys” name, but that's
already known here.

> Can't you just drop the libjs* recommends and install the stuff in the
> source package onto the target system?

Definitely not; bundling a third-party library, especially when that is
just a slightly modified version of an existing packaged library, is a
violation of policy and makes security updates needlessly difficult.

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