Control: retitle -1 npm: New upstream version “5.0.0”

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On 02-Jun-2017, Thierry Vilmart wrote:

> I am not sure I understand. Which upstream version of npm and nodejs
> should be available?

This bug report (bug#863963) is specifically for the ‘npm’ package so
let's ignore ‘nodejs’ version for this report.

(If you want to also submit a wishlist report for a specific new
version of ‘nodejs’, feel free to do that in a separate report.)

> The current stable latest vesions are:
> npm:
> 5.0.0

Thank you, I will update this report accordingly.

> Note:
> This issue is important. On they ask people to run sudo
> on an HTTP url script to install latest nodejs. Sudo is dangerous.

That's a separate issue; if a non-Debian site is giving poor advice,
please convince them to improve the advice. A bug report to Debian's
bug tracker can't fix that :-)

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