On ശനി 16 ഡിസംബര്‍ 2017 10:44 വൈകു, Ghislain Vaillant wrote:
> I don't know anything about chai. Besides, since you are its maintainer,
> I would expect the investigation to be done by yourself rather than myself.

No, that is not how a transition is supposed to work. Do you expect
maintainer of nodejs package to fix all issues of all packages using
nodejs by themselves when updating nodejs versions?

I did not even get heads up with webmock transition in ruby team. It was
right away FTBFS and autoremoval from testing for packages failing to
build with webmock 3.

I can try and help, but as maintainer of libjs-fetch, it is your
responsibility to fix issues of your package when dependencies change.

> I meant context about why the package now FTBFS. I understand this is a
> transition and I don't think uploading to unstable is wise before FTBFS
> issues such as this one are fixed. Is there an urgency in having chai
> 4.x in testing/unstable?

Indeed, that is why it is uploaded first to experimental and giving
heads up to packages affected by this transition. We can definitely wait
for a reasonable time before uploading to unstable.

1. chai itself is FTBFS with nodejs 6
2. we generally want to ship the latest versions
3. Some packages are already starting to require newer versions of chai,
for example node-yargs (whose tests are disabled currently).

You could ask upstream to move to chai 4 and take their help. Or you
could also disable tests.

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