On ശനി 16 ഡിസംബര്‍ 2017 11:16 വൈകു, Ghislain Vaillant wrote:
> You are deliberately taking an extreme case to fulfill your narrative. I
> would not fit nodejs and chai in the same basket.

see below, ruby-webmock is comparable here.

>> I did not even get heads up with webmock transition in ruby team. It was
>> right away FTBFS and autoremoval from testing for packages failing to
>> build with webmock 3.
> And?

I had to get the tests ported to ruby-webmock 3, not the person who
uploaded ruby-webmock 3.

3 of my packages got removed from testing.

>> I can try and help, but as maintainer of libjs-fetch, it is your
>> responsibility to fix issues of your package when dependencies change.
> We are talking about a *test* dependencies which now makes the build
> fail after a major version bump. It makes sense to expect more
> information from the corresponding maintainer.

That is how ruby-webmock, ruby-rspec etc were handled.

> Should we expect every single maintainer affected by an FTBFS to go read
> the release notes of chai in order to figure what broke between version
> 3 and 4. I am very skeptical about this.

yes, at least that is how I had to do with many ruby test framework
transitions and I think that is only reasonable or we can't really
update any package that is depended on by large number of packages.

>> 1. chai itself is FTBFS with nodejs 6
> That's unfortunate indeed.
>> 2. we generally want to ship the latest versions
> But not systematically.
>> 3. Some packages are already starting to require newer versions of chai,
>> for example node-yargs (whose tests are disabled currently).
> It makes sense to disable them if they specifically require chai >= 4.

Right now I did that, but going forward, it makes to sense to
disable/port tests of packages that needs an older version. That is how
any transition is handled, chai is not anything special. I know it is
hard and I have to do the same for my other packages too, but that is
part of what it takes to maintain a package.

>> You could ask upstream to move to chai 4 and take their help. Or you
>> could also disable tests.
> Disabling the tests would be a serious downgrade considering testing is
> currently working, unlike node-yargs. I am seriously uncomfortable with
> this proposal.

node-yargs tests are working with chai 4 and we are in a better to
position to support chai 4 than chai 3.5 for buster.

> I can ask upstream, though chai is officially pinned at version 2.x there.

I do that regularly. I did that for ruby-webmock 3.

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