Fixed upstream in
Let me try to summarize the problem and the chosen fix.

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1) you ignore spammer! , this mask will get into kvirc
"registered user database" and will be used to match the user;
2) some time ago, you see the same "spammer" nickname, but he's not
matching his previous mask anymore (so kvirc is not ignoring him and the
popup offers you the ability to do it);
3) you try to ignore it again, but kvirc shouts at you telling that a
registered user with the same nickname already exists.

Chosen fix:
When trying to ignore (or, in a more general term, to add a registered
user) a user whose nickname is already present in the registered users
database, just add the new mask to the already existing user.
This is accomplished using the -f switch to the reguser.add kvs command.

Fabio Bas

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