severity 593933 serious

Micha Lenk wrote:
> Package: kmymoney
> Version: 4.5-1
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: experimental patch
> Hi,
> the current version apparently build without support for AqBanking: The
> build log shows that the KBanking is disabled:
> -------- KMyMoney 4.5.0 --------
> Configure results (user options):
> --------------------------------------------
> OFX plugin:                              yes
> KBanking plugin:                         no
> iCalendar export plugin:                 yes
> --------------------------------------------
> With the attached patch kmymoney should build with AqBanking 5 too, which
> is available in experimental. Additional to the patch you need to change
> the build dependencies to build depend on libaqbanking32-dev.

I see it the same way, but I would say that this is a kind of FTBFS and thus
it must have the severity serious.

This has no effect on the squeeze release as it is part of experimental

There are more ftbfs source related things regarding this package
(propably a dash failure in experimental - using bash in pbuilder fixed it):

CMake Error at /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/MacroEnsureVersion.cmake:76 
  math cannot parse the expression: "/bin/sh: Can't open
  /usr/bin/gpgme-config*10000 + /bin/sh: Can't open /usr/bin/gpgme-config*100
  + 0": syntax error, unexpected exp_DIVIDE, expecting exp_OPENPARENT or
  exp_NUMBER (1)
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/FindGpgme.cmake:197 (macro_ensure_version)
  /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/FindQGpgme.cmake:11 (find_package)
  CMakeLists.txt:53 (find_package)

-- The installed version of gpgme is too old: /bin/sh: Can't open 
/usr/bin/gpgme-config (required: >= 1.0.0)
-- No usable gpgme flavours found.
CMake Error at 
/usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:70 (MESSAGE):
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  CMakeLists.txt:53 (find_package)
Emil Langrock

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