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> After upgrading from LinuxMintDebianEdition LMDE 1 (based on debian 7) to 
> based on debian Jessie, digikam has been updated to 4.4.0 instead of 3.5.x.
> Since then I'm no longer able to import my pictures from my CanonEOS350D 
> the importation tool from digikam.
> You can see the error message in the screenshot here:
> https://framapic.org/AiUtTFceoQN0/lexIQ4R7
> What about introducing the latest revsion of digikam, 4.13.0?!

I just uploaded 4.14 today.  If you are in a position to try that out, I'd be 
very glad to know if it fixes this issue.

If not, then as a work-around: I wonder if you can set the camera to act as a 
USB device and import from the filesystem?

Finally, while I realize this makes digikam unusable for you, the  bug 
severity "grave" is intended for a package completely unusable by most users.  
I don't believe it applies in this case.


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