Hi Torsten,

I'm in process of updating lensfun in Debian.

In data domenica 15 novembre 2015 20:55:54, Torsten Bronger ha scritto:
> Lensfun just released a version 0.3.2.  Changes in the build system
> are intended to make Debian packaging easy.
> Moreover, not only the library file is properly versioned
> (liblensfun.so.x),

Thanks for this, this is basically what blocked me in updating lensfun
one year ago (and then ran out of free time for this).

> the same is now implemented for the database
> itself.  Multiple database version can live happily together on the
> same filesystem.  This is necessary because every binary library
> depends on a particular file format of the database, and this file
> format may change over time, independently of the ABI version.
> We suggest to count the database format version in the Debian
> package name as it is common for libraries: lensfun-data1,
> lensfun-data2, etc.

Hm, on a Debian system you don't have multiple versions of lesfun
though, i.e. only one liblensfunN, so that version has just one version
of the data; hence, if I make liblensfunN x.y.z depend on
liblensfun-data >= x.y.z, that should ensure the library has the data it
needs, no?
From what I see, changes in the data of a library (as long as those data
are accessed by the library and only by that) should not matter to users
of the library itself.

Am I missing something?

Pino Toscano

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