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> In data venerdì 8 gennaio 2016 14:41:58, Torsten Bronger ha scritto:
> [...]
>> If there is only one ABI version of lensfun installed, this would
>> work.  If you want to make possible that liblensfunM can be
>> installed locally parallely to liblensfunN, you need to put the
>> database format version (not the ABI number) in the -data
>> package.
> I see, although often is the database format version going to be
> bumped?  Say only between lensfun x.y.z to x.(y+1), or even for .z
> releases?

Currently, Lensfun is under heavy development.  It is getting rid of
old mistakes and heading towards version 1.0.  Then, I expect things
to settle down quickly.

To answer your question, Lensfun does not have a policy for this
(yet).  So far, versioning has been without clear rules.  But there
is a proposal in the inbox of its maintainer to declare "z" as a
clear patch release, so no ABI or DB changes.  In contrast, a change
in "y" may change both.

> [...]
> Another solution could be double versioning the data, by library
> SONAME and database version,
> e.g. /usr/share/lensfun_$ABI/version_$DB/, which could allow to
> have liblensfunN and liblensfunN-data, parallel-installable aside
> each other SOVERSION.

This would mean quite a bit of new developing and testing.  If
possible, I'd like to avoid it.  Besides, there is a conceptual
ugliness that the DB files do not depend on the ABI version; one
would end up with duplicates.

> (Btw, are you an upstream developer? If so, may I contact you
> outside of this bug for a couple of things to be fixed?)

Yes, I am a developer, and everyone may contact me directly for
Lensfun issues, or use the bug tracker, for that matter.


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